BPS Carbon Fiber High Capacity Download Hi-Res Image



The BPS isn’t just another pump shotgun, and the High Capacity BPS isn’t just another BPS. Scaled down for the smaller .410 gauge, the weight and profile angle been reduced to make it more comfortable to carry around. Whether you’re looking for a lightweight gun for yourself, or the perfect squirrel and rabbit gun for your little hunting buddy, this BPS will fit the bill.

The 410 is often called the cartridge for novices and experts. The unimposing recoil and report make it less intimidating for timid new shooters, especially if they are young. Likewise, experienced hunters often enjoy packing a lighter ammo load and using a load that requires keen aim and skill.

Keep it secured by your bedside to protect your family, in your truck for opportunity hunting, or tucked away in your Browning safe for the next trip to the range. 


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