Citori Feather Lightning



Light makes lightning. Few hunting over and unders have a more well-earned reputation for being pure joy to hunt with. Easy to carry and fast to the shoulder with a great feel in your hands no matter the angle of your shot. The lightning-style stock is uncommon for feel and performance.

A well-rounded pistol grip for performance. The Citori Feather Lightning’s round knob or pistol grip allows the shooter to position his hand at the same, solid place for each shot, thus offering better control for fast-flying waterfowl, upland game, sporting clays or skeet. Matching the rounded pistol grip is the forearm. It is nicely rounded, and together, they give the name to this over under gun as “Lightning Style”.

Feature Rollup:

  • Lightweight alloy receiver with steel breech face and hinge pin
  • Oil finish Grade III/IV walnut lightning-style stock
  • Intricate, broad coverage engraving
  • Inflex recoil pad
  • Ivory bead sight and mid-bead
  • Three extended black Midas Grade choke tubes
  • POI: 60/40
  • Ideal for hunting/sporting clays


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